Abdul Sahib Shakiry

Mr Abdul Sahib Shakiry is a manufacturer and publisher based in London. A gifted businessman with experience going back many years, he has set up the Islamic Tourism Magazine and an Islamic Tourism website. He grew up in Iraq where he had his first education. In the years 1950, he mixed in his activities between education in science and training courses in industry and management. He also visited several European countries to attend specialized exhibitions.

He studied in the same period in Germany production management, cost calculation of productivity hours, and IBM computer systems, specializing in productivity programming and its diverse operations. He also took part in a course to learn German and English languages. In 1962, he joined the first course in Baghdad to study advanced management.

From 1965 to 1980, he developed his business activities and founded several companis in the field of shoes manufacture and polymers products. He was twice elected as a member of the Iraqi Industries Union and began writing in his field of expertise about business, industry and management.

In the eighties, he resided in London where he continued doing business. One of his companies in UK published the Al-Hidaa Magazine, which deals with leather and shoes industries. In the light of publishing the shoe magazine Al-Hidaa his role as a leader began to emerge in the fields of industrial, vocational, and professional media, and he was praised by many of the newspapers and economic and scientific foundations.

Another magazine he issued was Al-Ridaa, which covers the industries of weaving, textile and clothing. In his magazines, Shakiry wrote dozens of articles in Arabic as well as in English.

During the nineties he published his first book Al-Ibadat Al-Malia Fi Al-Islam (‘Financial Worship In Islam'), followed by his second book Al-Jihad Al-Insani Fi Al-Islam (‘The Humanitarian Jihad In Islam'); both of which were valued and appreciated by a large number of prominent personalities.

In 2001, he embarked on issuing a specialized magazine by the name of Islamic Tourism in five languages: Arabic, English, German, French and Spanish. In 2005, he founded al-Shakiry Charity For Social Interdependence in Iraq, and participated in founding the Iraqi Charities Forum, which includes tens of registered charities in and outside Iraq.

In 2007, he published Afaq Al-Siyaha (‘Tourism Prospects'), containing all the articles he wrote in the Islamic Tourism Magazine (ITM) in both languages Arabic and English.

Being a leader in the field of Islamic tourism, he participated in several conferences, such as the International Conference For Islamic Tourism, held in Tehran around the middle of March 2007, in which he gave a lecture.

Among his projects, we mention his forthcoming books on Afaq As-S'ina' (‘Industry Horizons'), which will contain his services and creative activities in the footwear industry sector, and another one on Arabic Numerals and their Origins.

Published compilations:

  • Al-Jihad Al-Insani Fi Al-Islam (‘The Humanitarian Jihad In Islam')
  • Al-Ibadat Al-Malia Fi Al-Islam (‘Financial Worship In Islam')
  • Afaq As-Siyah'ah (‘Tourism Prospects')
  • Al-Hidaa Magazine (deals with leather and shoes industries)
  • Al-Ridaa Magazine (covers the industries of weaving, textile and clothing)
  • The Islamic Tourism Magazine (ITM), totalling 31 issues.

* This short biography was reworked and augmented from the website of Islamic Tourism Magazine. The text has been revised and approved by Abdul Sahib Shakiry.


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