Lutfallah Gari

Lutfallah Gari graduated MSc in Environmental Engineering from the University of Central Florida. He is the author of nine books in Arabic on a wide range of topics in Arabic science and technology and has published peer reviewed papers in both Arabic and English. He has presented papers and lectures on the history of science and environmental engineering at conferences all over the world and participated with Arab scholars in presenting programs that were broadcast by various satellite TV channels.

Lutfallah Gari has acted as consultant to the National Center for Science and Technology, Riyadh, Heritage and Environment Trust, Jeddah, and Arriyadh Development Council, Riyadh. He prepared an exhibit entitled “Islamic Technology from Manuscripts”, exhibited in Yanbu and Madrid, 1992, the exhibit “Islam and Science” in the Islam Pavilion, EXPO 2000, Hanover (Germany), 2000 and two exhibits in Abha, Saudi Arabia during the summer of 2002.