Sali Shahsivari

Sali Shahsivari is a Macedonian scholar. He graduated from the Faculty of Islamic Jurisprudence, Damascus University, Syria. Besides the expertise he gained in the classical Islamic learning, he is a highly experienced translator of several books and articles in numerous European languages plus Arabic. His linguistic skills allow him to write and speak several languages: Albanian, Arabic, English, and Macedonian, Serbo-Croatian/Bosnian.

He is also a project manager, editor and consultant on numerous projects which have been internationally contracted on media and contemporary issues.

As a writer and intellectual, Sali Shahsivari is a qualified and experienced expert in Islamic jurisprudence and socio-religious affairs in the European contextual framework, and a writer on diverse academic subjects such as multi-culturalism and conflict resolution, with a reputation as a producer of various documentaries and short films in the public sphere.

In addition, he is the author and presenter of a series of television debate programs concerning different social issues affecting society, and an active member of European Non-Governmental Organisations that maintain international networks and deal with Human Rights Education.