Shaikh M Ghazanfar

Dr Ghazanfar is Professor/Chair-Emeritus of Economics (Emeritus, 2002), University of Idaho. His research interests include International Development, Public Finance, and more recently, Origins of Economic Thought in Early Islamic Scholarship, Civilizational Links between Medieval West and Islam.  Published extensively in these areas, including two books (Medieval Islamic Economic Thought:  Filling the ‘Great Gap’ in European Economics, Routledge-Curzon, London, UK, 2003; Islamic Civilization—History, Contributions, and Influence: A Compendium of Literature, Scarecrow Press, Lanham, Maryland, 2006). Has served as a referee for professional journals; budget consultant for Idaho Legislative for 24 years' contributed to several encyclopedic works; served as contributor/editor/advisory-board member for Encyclopedia of Society and Cultural in the Medieval World (Islamic World Section).  Published/presented over 150 professional papers. Numerous academic/community honors and awards, including Distinguished Alumnus Award/Hall of Fame, Washington State University; listed in numerous Who’s Who’s. Serves as invited speaker/guest lecturer on contemporary issues.