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Died on 735
Ibn Abi Ishaq was a grammarian and one of the earliest known grammarians of the Arabic language.
Ibn Abi Usaybia was a Muslim physician and historian of medicine. He was born in Damascus where he studied medicine before immigrating to Cairo; there he was physician at the hospital; he then became physician to the Emir Azeddin in Sarkar. For more detail click here.
Died on 1079
Abu Ibrahim ibn Aflah Al-Rakham, a marble mason, who in September 1079, completed restoration works at the Mosque of Seville after it had been damaged weeks before. For more detail click here.
Ibn al-'Awwam was a botanist who is the author of a book on farming: Kitâb al-Filaha. In this treatise, Ibn al-'Awwam proposes four procedures to collect rain water, and other artificially obtained waters. For more detail click here.