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ABU’L-FATḤ B. MAḤMŪD (or MOḤAMMAD) B. AL-QĀSEM B. AL-FAŻL AL-IṢFAHĀNĪ, an early 6th/12th century astronomer. His best known work is his revision of books V-VII of the Arabic translation, completed by Helāl b. Abī Helāl and Ṯābet b. Qorra, of the Cronica of Apollonius of Perge. Th...
Born on 1100 Died on 1200
Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Khair ibn 'Umar ibn Khalifa al-Ishbili is a Hispano- Muslim scholar, born in Seville in 1108-1109, studied in Seville and Cordova, and died in Cordova in 1179. He compiled a bibliography (Fihrist) containing more than 1400 titles of books composed by Spanish Muslims on every su...
Born on 10 Aug, 787 Died on 09 Mar, 886
Abū Maʿshar is best known for his astrological writings; however, he also wrote on other branches of the science of the stars, including astronomical tables. Click here for more information.
Born on 893 Died on 945
Al-Hamdani was a historian, geographer, grammarian and lexicographer who also played a role in South Arabian statesmanship. Click here for more information.