Scholars A-Z

Born on 1048 Died on 1131
‘Umar al-Khayyam (better known as Omar Khayyam, was a polymath scholar from Nishapur, Persia. Mathematician, philosopher, astronomer and poet, he also wrote treatises in Arabic on mechanics, geography, music and physics. Because of the originality of his contributions, Al-Khayyam was established as...
Umm Matawe' Al-Aslamiyya, who volunteered to be a nurse in the army after the opening of Khaybar.
Born on 800 Died on 900
Umm Sinan Al-Islami (known also as Umm Imara), would go out with the warriors to nurse the injured and provide water to the thirsty.
Umm Waraqa Bint Hareth, who participated in gathering the Quran and providing her nursing services to the warriors at the battle of Badr.