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Died on 925
Ādamī is noted for his work on instruments. Ibn al‐Ādamī, presumably his son, wrote an influential astronomical handbook with tables (zīj) that was based on Indian sources. The father is mentioned in Ibn al‐Nadīm's Fihrist (dating from the 10th century), where he is called al‐Ādamī. Because of the s...
Born on 740 Died on 828
al-Aṣmaʿī, in full Abū Saʿīd ʿAbd al-Malik ibn Qurayb al-Aṣmaʿī   (born c. 740, Basra, Iraq—died 828, Basra), noted scholar and anthologist, one of the three leading members of the Basra school of Arabic philology. Click here for more information.
Died on 834
One of the earliest examples of town and city history is that of al-Azraqî. In his Akhbar Makka al-M'usharrafa (Chronicles of Mecca the Glorious) he describes the history and character of Mecca. For more detail click here.
Died on 1140
Al-Badî al-Astrulabî was a Muslim astronomer and director of astronomical observations in the palace of the Seljuk Sultan of Iraq. For more detail click here.