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Born on 940 Died on 998
Abu Al-Wafa was an astronomer and the greatest mathematician of the tenth century, according to Kettanî. He wrote commentaries on Euclid, Diophantos and al-Khwarizmi (all lost); astronomical tables (Zîj al-Wadih) of which we possibly have a later adaptation; a practical arithmetic; "the complete boo...
Born on 770 Died on 835
Early astronomer-astrologer (c.770-c.835), author of works translated from Arabic into Latin by Plato Tiburnitus into Latin, such as Albohali arabis astrologi antiqvissimi, ac clarissimi de Ivdiciis natiuitatu, Liber Unus (Nurnberg, 1549). This book was edited recently: The Judgments of Nativities b...
Little is known about al-Hassar but historians such as Ibn Khaldun noted that he was a mathematician, well-known reader of the Koran and inheritance specialist.
Born on 870
Abū Bishr Mattā b. Yūnus al-Qunnāʾī was a Christian philosopher who played an important role in the transmission of the works of Aristotle to the Islamic world. He is famous for founding the Baghdad School of Aristotelian Philosophers.