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Died on 1550
Shams al-Din Muhammad b. Ahmad al-Khafri al-Kashi, known as Khafri, was a Persian religious scholar and astronomer at the beginning of the Safavid dynasty, during a period of mass conversion to Shia Islam. He wrote on philosophy, religion, and astronomy, the latter including a commentary on al-Tusi...
Born on 1250 Died on 1310
Shams al-Samarqandi was an Islamic mathematician who wrote works on theology, logic, philosophy, mathematics and astronomy.
Died on 869
Sābūr ibn Sahl was a 9th-century Persian Christian physician from the Academy of Gundishapur.   Among other medical works, he wrote one of the first medical books on antidotes called Aqrabadhin (القراباذين), which was divided into 22 volumes, and which was possibly the earliest of its kin...
Died on 1213
Sharaf al-Tusi was an Islamic mathematician who wrote a treatise on cubic equations.