Scholars A-Z

Born on 575 Died on 667
Severus Sebokht was a Syrian scholar and bishop who was born in Nisibis, Syria in 575 and died in 667.
Died on 1257
Another Queen bearing the title of Sultana was Shajarat al-Durr, who gained power in Cairo in 1250 CE. In fact, she brought the Muslims a victory during the Crusades and captured the King of France, Louis IX. Shajarat al-Durr (whose name means in Arabic ‘string of pearls'), bore the royal name al...
Died on 1550
Shams al-Din Muhammad b. Ahmad al-Khafri al-Kashi, known as Khafri, was a Persian religious scholar and astronomer at the beginning of the Safavid dynasty, during a period of mass conversion to Shia Islam. He wrote on philosophy, religion, and astronomy, the latter including a commentary on al-Tusi...
Born on 1250 Died on 1310
Shams al-Samarqandi was an Islamic mathematician who wrote works on theology, logic, philosophy, mathematics and astronomy.