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Born on 1162 Died on 1213
Abd Al-Latif Al-Baghdadi was born in Baghdad where he studied philosophy and philology and later chemistry and medicine. During his career he taught medicine and philosophy at Damascus, Aleppo and Cairo. Of the 166 works he is credited with, only one is in print, Compendium Memorabilium Aegypti, whi...
Born on 1162 Died on 1231
Muwaffaq al-Din Muhammad 'Abd al-Latif ibn Yusuf al-Baghdadi, more commonly known as Abd al-Latif al-Baghdadi or Abdallatif al-Baghdadi, born in Baghdad, Iraq, was a celebrated physician, historian, Egyptologist and traveller, and one of the most voluminous writers of the Near East in his time.
Born on 980 Died on 1037
He was an Arab mathematician (c. 980–1037) from Baghdad who is best known for his treatise al-Takmila fi'l-Hisab. It contains results in number theory, and comments on works by al-Khwarizmi which are now lost. To give just one example of his works translated into Latin, we quote his work on the d...
Born on 1070 Died on 1136
Abraham bar Ḥiyya ha-Nas was a Jewish mathematician, astronomer and philosopher, also known as Savasorda or Abraham Judaeus. He was born in Barcelona and scholars suspect he travelled to Narbonne where he is thought to have died.   Abraham bar Ḥiyya's most influential work is his Ḥib...