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Nusayba bint Harith al-Ansari, also called Umm ‘Atia, took care of casualties on the battlefields and provided them with water, food and first aid. In addition, she performed circumcisions. Click here for more information.
Nusayba Bint Kaab Al-Mazeneya was one of the Muslim women who provided nursing services to warriors at the battle of Uhud (625 H). Click here for more information.
Born on 10 Sep, 877 Died on 12 May, 940
Sa'id ibn-Batriq, was a Christian scholar who specialised in history. He wrote the book al-Tarikh al-Mamu 'ala al-Tahqiq w-al Tasdiq. Click here for more information.
Born on 821 Died on 850
Sahl ibn Bishr (fl. 205 AH/AD 821–235 AH/AD 850) was an astrologer and mathematician at the service of the governor of the Khurāsān Ṭāhir ibn al-Ḥusayn al-Aʽwar (205/821–207/822) and who later served al-Ḥasan ibn Sahl (died 236/ 850–1) secretary and governor of caliph al-Ma’mūn (198/813–218/833). Th...