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Died on 1278
Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr al-Farisi was an Islamic astronomer born in Aden. He is the author of al-Tuḥfa, which includes a treatise containing important information for the history of Islamic astronomy and its connection with the religion of Islam.
Born on 1523
“He was a source of blessing, a jurist, an accomplished scholar, a pious and ascetic man of God, who was amongst the finest of God's righteous servants and practising scholars.” The above is an excerpt from the 17th century chronicle, Tarikh al-Sudan, written by Abd al-Sadi. A fitting tribute t...
Died on 1229
Muwaffaq Al-Din Yaqub Ben Saklan was a Christian doctor of Jerusalem (d. 1229). He was an Oriental Christian who served as a manager of the hospital of Jerusalem under Muaddam the Ayyubid ruler. Muaddam took Yaqub into his service and showered him with gifts and honours. For more detail click her...
Nusayba bint Harith al-Ansari, also called Umm ‘Atia, took care of casualties on the battlefields and provided them with water, food and first aid. In addition, she performed circumcisions. Click here for more information.