Scholars A-Z

Born on 796 Died on 806
Abu Yahya Ibn al-Batriq was a Syrian scholar who pioneered the translation of ancient Greek texts into Arabic, a major early figure in the transmission of the Classics at the close of Late Antiquity. He translated for Al-Mansur the major medical works of Galen and Hippocrates, and also translat...
Born on 912 Died on 961
Abu Yusuf ben Yitzhak ben Ezra was a Jewish scholar, physician, diplomat, and patron of science.
Born on 1080 Died on 1152
Adelard of Bath was a 12th-century English natural philosopher. He is known both for his original works and for translating many important Greek and Arab scientific works of astrology, astronomy, philosophy and mathematics into Latin from Arabic versions, which were then introduced to Western Europe...
Died on 1225
Ahmad ibn ‘Ali al-Buni was a well known Sufi and writer on the esoteric value of letters and topics relating to mathematics, sihr (sorcery) and spirituality, but very little is known about him. Al-Buni lived in Egypt and learned from many eminent Sufi masters of his time.   A contemporary...