Scholars A-Z

Born on 796 Died on 806
In the eighth century Abu Yahya Ibn al-Batriq worked as a translator for Al-Mansur. Some of the major works he translated include Galen, Hippocrates, Aristotle and Plato. Click here for more information
Born on 1463 Died on 19 Oct, 1548
Abu’l-Barakaat was al-Qadi (Chief Judge)  of Timbuktu. He was born in the year 868 AH (1463 CE) and was one of the youngest of the famous sons of Shaykh Umar ibn Muhammad Aqit. He was also a scholar, professor, the jurist and Imam of Takruur (West Africa). He was appointed o...
Born on 1080 Died on 1152
Adelard of Bath was a 12th-century English natural philosopher. He is known both for his original works and for translating many important Greek and Arab scientific works of astrology, astronomy, philosophy and mathematics into Latin from Arabic versions, which were then introduced to Western Europe...
Born on 26 Oct, 1556 Died on 22 Apr, 1627
Ahmed Baba was a Teacher, Philosopher, Arabic grammarian and author of over 40 books and various works – ranging from biographies to commentaries. He was also the last chancellor of the University of Sankore. The institution, located in Timbuktu, was the jewel in the crown of the city...