Scholars A-Z

Died on 1567
Ala al-Din Ali ibn Abd-al-Malik Husam al-Din al-Muttaqi al-Hindi (The exalter of faith, Ali son of servant of AllahThe King, from India) was a Sunni Muslim Islamic scholar who is known for writing Kanz al-Ummal.
Born on 837 Died on 933
In Duraid was a geographer, genealogist, poet, and philologist. He wrote a large Arabic dictionary, "The Collection on the Language". He also wrote on the genealogy of the Arab tribes.
Died on 1469
Al-Wafaî was primarily a mathematician, muezzin and muwaqqit at the Muayyad mosque in Cairo and wrote a staggering number of forty treatises as listed by Rosenfeld and Ihsanoglu. For more detail click here.
Born on 1195 Died on 1256
Jordanus de Nemore was one of the most important writers on mechanics and mathematics in the Latin West – to be compared only with Leonardo Fibonacci and Nicole Oresme. But almost nothing is known about his life. He must have lived before the middle of the 13th century, because Jordanus' works are m...