Scholars A-Z

Died on 1469
Al-Wafaî was primarily a mathematician, muezzin and muwaqqit at the Muayyad mosque in Cairo and wrote a staggering number of forty treatises as listed by Rosenfeld and Ihsanoglu. For more detail click here.
Born on 1195 Died on 1256
Johannes de Sacrobosco, also written Ioannis de Sacro Bosco was a scholar, monk, and astronomer who was a teacher at the University of Paris. He is notable for three things. First, he wrote a short introduction to the Hindu-Arabic numeral system which became the most widely read introduction to that...
Born on 1200 Died on 1300
Jordanus de Nemore was a thirteenth-century European mathematician who wrote treatises on at least 6 different important mathematical subjects: the science of weights; “algorismi” treatises on practical arithmetic; pure arithmetic; algebra; geometry; and stereographic projection. Most of these treat...
Born on 1349 Died on 1405
Although fundamentally a preacher and legal cleric, Al-Damiri wrote one of the greatest medieval works on zoology and animals. This work, Hayat Al-Hayawan (The Life of Animals) has been edited repeatedly and has also been translated into English by Lieutenant Colonel Jayakar.   For more d...