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Born on 900 Died on 971
Abu Jafar al-Khazin may have worked on both astronomy and number theory. Please click here for more information.
ABU’L-FATḤ B. MAḤMŪD (or MOḤAMMAD) B. AL-QĀSEM B. AL-FAŻL AL-IṢFAHĀNĪ, an early 6th/12th century astronomer. His best known work is his revision of books V-VII of the Arabic translation, completed by Helāl b. Abī Helāl and Ṯābet b. Qorra, of the Cronica of Apollonius of Perge. Th...
Born on 1273 Died on 1331
Abu'l-Fida was a historian born in November-December 1273 in Damascus. His family had fled Syria owing to strong reports of a Mongol invasion. As P.M. holt puts it in the only available translation of the "memoir" sections of Abu'l-Fida's history compendium. Abu'l-Fida's memoirs are the hidden trace...
Ahmad ibn Fadlan was a writer and traveler. He was sent as the secretary to an ambassador from the Abbasid Caliph al-Muqtadir from Baghdad to the Volga Bulgars by the Black Sea and the Caspian.