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Died on 1278
Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr al-Farisi was an Islamic astronomer born in Aden. He is the author of al-Tuḥfa, which includes a treatise containing important information for the history of Islamic astronomy and its connection with the religion of Islam.
Died on 796
Credited to have built the first astrolabe in the Islamic world.
Born on 26 May, 1951
Muhammed Ahmed Faris is a Syrian military aviator. He was the first Syrian and the second Arab in space.
Died on 1741
Although we are unsure of the date of his birth, due to his name, we know of his ethnicity and place of residence. He was from the Fulani people, the great herders of West Africa, who produced some of the outstanding scholars of the Bilad al-Sudan; such as Modibbo Muhammed al-Kaburi, a leading fi...