Scholars A-Z

Born on 1050 Died on 1110
Abu Hatim al-Muzaffar b. Isma’il al-Isfizari was a mathematician and mechanician who flourished in Khurasan (north-east Iran). Click here to find out more.
Born on 718 Died on 791
Al Khalil Ibn Ahmed (b.Baghdad 718 CE), a philologist, categorised the metres of classical Arabic poetry into sixteen distinct types (Taf‘ila) of eight-word units. A systemof scanning was used, where “1” indicates a sound and “0“ indicates silence (i.e. no vowel). The verbalmetre is a coded order re...
Born on 718
In the year 248 AH (862-3 CE), a bookseller arrived in Basra from the province of Khurasan in North-east Persia, bringing with him a dictionary of the Arabic language in forty-eight parts or copy-books. Its title was "Kitab al-'Ain" (the book of the letter 'Ain), and it was ascribed to a famous scho...
Born on 1160 Died on 1233
Historian who recorded history as a sequence of military engagements, such as the Mongol invasion of the Islamic Empire. Believed history had both religious and mundane value and that moral lessons could be drawn from it to reform kingdoms. Abridged al-Tabari 's history and continued it through 1231...