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Born on 1304 Died on 1375
Ibn Al-Shater was among the select group of geniuses in astronomy. He learned the art of ivory inlaying when he was a small boy and was, therefore, known as Al-Mottaem (the inlayer). He also collected an immense amount of money, which allowed him the freedom to concentrate on scientific research, an...
Died on 1204
Ibn al-Yasamin al-Ishbilli was one of the so many neglected, and yet accomplished scholars, who had a great impact on the science, an impact brought to general knowledge by the excellent entry on him by A. Djebbar, and out of which the following is derived.[1] Ibn al-Yasamin (fl second half of the 1...
Born on 830
ʿAbd al-Hamīd ibn Turk, known also as ʿAbd al-Hamīd ibn Wase ibn Turk Jili was a ninth-century Turkic Muslim mathematician. Not much is known about his biography. The two records of him, one by Ibn Nadim and the other by al-Qifti are not identical. However al-Qifi mentions his name as ʿAbd al-Hamīd...
Born on 982 Died on 1056