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Died on 756
Ibn al-Muqaffa (d. 142/759) was attempting to make Islamic law the law of the state. But the law itself was then still in its formative period. Click here for more information.
Died on 993
Abu Al-Faraj Muhammad ibn Ishaq ibn Abi Ya'qub Al-Nadim Al-Warraq Al-Baghdadî was a historian and bibliographer. He completed in 987-88 his "Index of the Sciences" or Fihrist al-Ulum. It is, to use his own words, "the index of the books of all peoples of the Arabs and non-Arabs whereof somewhat exis...
Born on 1213 Died on 17 Dec, 1288
Ibn al-Nafis (b. near Damascus 13th century; d. Cairo Dec 1288.) studied medicine at the Great Nuri hospital in Damascus that was founded by Nur Eddin Zangi. Amongst Ibn al-Nafis' great works is Kitab al-Shamil fi sinaat al-Tibiyya (Comprehensive book on the art of medicine), which he wrote in his t...
Died on 1223
When for various reasons, the Jayrun water clock became unworkable, Al-Khurasani's son Fakhr Eddin, author of a book on astronomical clocks, repaired and improved it. This son is commonly known as Ibn Al-Saati, born in Damascus where he also flourished, and where he eventually died in 1223.