Scholars A-Z

Died on 756
Abū Muhammad ʿAbd Allāh Rūzbih ibn Dādūya was a Persian thinker and a Muslim.
Died on 993
Abu Al-Faraj Muhammad ibn Ishaq ibn Abi Ya'qub Al-Nadim Al-Warraq Al-Baghdadî was a historian and bibliographer. He completed in 987-88 his "Index of the Sciences" or Fihrist al-Ulum. It is, to use his own words, "the index of the books of all peoples of the Arabs and non-Arabs whereof somewhat exis...
Died on 17 Sep, 998
Abu'l-Faraj Muhammad bin Is'hāq al-Nadim was a Muslim scholar and bibliographer. He is famous as the author of the Kitāb al-Fihrist. It is, in his own words "an Index of the books of all nations, Arabs and non-Arabs alike, which are extant in the Arabic language and script, on every branch of k...
Born on 1213 Died on 17 Dec, 1288
Ibn al-Nafis (b. near Damascus 13th century; d. Cairo Dec 1288.) studied medicine at the Great Nuri hospital in Damascus that was founded by Nur Eddin Zangi. Amongst Ibn al-Nafis' great works is Kitab al-Shamil fi sinaat al-Tibiyya (Comprehensive book on the art of medicine), which he wrote in his t...