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Died on 1223
When for various reasons, the Jayrun water clock became unworkable, Al-Khurasani's son Fakhr Eddin, author of a book on astronomical clocks, repaired and improved it. This son is commonly known as Ibn Al-Saati, born in Damascus where he also flourished, and where he eventually died in 1223.
Born on 1305 Died on 1375
Ibn al-Shatir was a prolific author on scientific instruments, astronomy and mathematics; his most influential work being his Zij al-Jadid, composed after the non extant Taliq al-Arsad, presumably a report of his observations at Damascus, and the Nihayat al-Sul, the exposition of his planetary theor...
Died on 1033
Ibn al-Thahabi was a physician, famous for his work Kitab Al-Ma'a (The Book of Water), which is the first known alphabetical encyclopedia of medicine. In it he lists the names of diseases, its medicine and a physiological process or a treatment, and adds numerous original ideas about the function of...
Born on 1008 Died on 1074
A physician from Toledo, he lived from 1008 to 1074. He is the author of a treatise on ophalmology and of another on simple medical substances. The latter was famous in Europe under the title Liber Abenguefith Philosophi de virtutibus medicinarum et ciborum, after its Latin translation by Gherard of...