Scholars A-Z

Born on 820 Died on 912
Abu'l-Qasim Ubaydallah ibn Abdallah ibn Khordadbeh was the author of the earliest surviving Arabic book of administrative geography, and Persian geographer and bureaucrat of the 9th century. He was the son of Abdallah ibn Khordadbeh, a promient Abbasid general, who was the son of a Zoroastrian...
Born on 1282 Died on 1349
Towards the middle of the 8th/14th century, a scholar of Almeria, Abū Uthmān Sa'd b. Abū Ja'far Ahmad Ibn Luyūn al-Tujjbī (d. 750/1349) wrote his Kitāb Ibdā' al-malāha wa-inhā' al-rajāha fī usūl sinā'at al-filāha. The work of an amateur, it is an abridgement in verse, based essentially on...
Died on 1209
Ibn Mammati wrote an account of the Egyptian government under the Ayyubid Sultan Salah Al-Din, the Kitâb Qawanin al-Dawawin (Statutes of the Councils of State). For more detail click here.
Born on 932 Died on 1030
Abu 'Ali Ahmad b. Muhammad b. Ya'qub Miskawayh (also known as Ibn Miskawayh) was born. It is established now that his name is actually Miskawayh, yet we find a number of his works, especially those not edited, but in fact attributed to him, where the name on the cover is Ibn Miskawayh. Those few wor...