Scholars A-Z

Born on 897 Died on 967
Literary scholar who is famous for his Book of Songs (Kitab al-Aghani), an encyclopaedic and fundamental work on Arabic songs, composers, poets, and musicians.
Born on 870
Abū Bishr Mattā b. Yūnus al-Qunnāʾī was a Christian philosopher who played an important role in the transmission of the works of Aristotle to the Islamic world. He is famous for founding the Baghdad School of Aristotelian Philosophers.
Born on 1178 Died on 1244
Abu Ishaq Ibrahim ibn Abd Allah, Al-Hamdani Al-Hamawi, Shihab Al-Din was born in Hama in 1187-8, where he flourished and where he died in 1244-5. He is a Shafiite Qadi (judge) historian who wrote Tarikh (History) of the Prophet and of the caliphs down to 1231. He dedicated to the Ayyubid prince Al-M...
Born on 850 Died on 930
Abū Kāmil, Shujāʿ ibn Aslam ibn Muḥammad Ibn Shujāʿ‎, also known as al-ḥāsib al-miṣrī—lit. "the Egyptian calculator") (c. 850 – c. 930) was an Egyptian Muslim mathematician during the Islamic Golden Age. He is considered the first mathematician to systematically use and accept irrational numbers as...