Scholars A-Z

Born on 1050 Died on 1110
Abu Hatim al-Muzaffar b. Isma’il al-Isfizari was a mathematician and mechanician who flourished in Khurasan (north-east Iran). Click here to find out more.
Born on 850 Died on 955
Isaac ben Solomon Israeli, Arabic Abū Ya-ʿqūb Isḥaq Ibn Sulaymān Al-isrāʾīlī, also called Isaac Israeli, or Isaac The Elder (born 832/855, Egypt—died 932/955, Al-Qayrawān, Tunisia), Jewish physician and philosopher, widely reputed in the European Middle Ages for his scientific writings and regarded...
Born on 718 Died on 791
Al Khalil Ibn Ahmed (b.Baghdad 718 CE), a philologist, categorised the metres of classical Arabic poetry into sixteen distinct types (Taf‘ila) of eight-word units. A systemof scanning was used, where “1” indicates a sound and “0“ indicates silence (i.e. no vowel). The verbalmetre is a coded order re...
Born on 718
In the year 248 AH (862-3 CE), a bookseller arrived in Basra from the province of Khurasan in North-east Persia, bringing with him a dictionary of the Arabic language in forty-eight parts or copy-books. Its title was "Kitab al-'Ain" (the book of the letter 'Ain), and it was ascribed to a famous scho...