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Born on 980 Died on 1037
Jūzjānī was one of the earliest Islamic scientists to provide an alternative to Ptolemy's equant model. Very little is known about his life. He probably was already a jurist ( faqīh) in Jurjān when he met Ibn Sīnā in 1012. He became one of his students and tells us that he studied Ptolemy's Almagest...
Born on 878 Died on 980
Tunisian physician, born around 878 à Kairouan, where he died in ca. 980. About forty medical works are attributed to him, many of them were translated into Latin: Kitab al-adwiya al-mufrada (Treatise on Simple Drugs) (Liber de Gradibus Simpleium), the Latin translation of which was performed by Con...
Born on 1074 Died on 1100
Ibn Jazla was born of Christian parents at Baghdad in 1074 and converted later to Islam. His dispositio corporum de constittutione hominis, Tacuin agritudinum, as the name implies, was translated into Latin. There is a story which says that he was the physicist for Charlemagne and that he wrote his...
Born on 01 Sep, 1145 Died on 1217
Geographer, traveller, and poet. Known for his detailed travel journals.