Scholars A-Z

Born on 16 Nov, 1313 Died on 1374
Ibn al-Khatib, known as Lisan al-din, 1313-1374, was the greatest Muslim writer of Granada and the last great intellectual, writer, and statesman of Muslim Spain. Click here for more information.
Abu Ahmad Hossein Ibn Abul Hossein Isaac was a great Muslim philosopher, theologian and physician. Ibn Nadim (celebrated Arab bibliographer) in his famous book “al-Fehrest” (Index), said about him: Ibn Karnib was profoundly expert at natural sciences. Other scolars such as Ibn Qefti and Ibn Abi...
Born on 1301 Died on 1373
Ismail ibn Kathir was a highly influential Muslim Muhaddith (narrator), Faqīh, Mufassir, and Historian. He was the author of Signs Before the Day of Judgment. He is also well known for his tafsir, which is widely considered authoritative.
Born on 1108 Died on 1179
Al-Ishbilî is a Hispano-Muslim scholar who compiled a bibliography (Fihrist) containing more than 1400 titles of books composed by Spanish Muslims on every subject; a bibliography which is very precious. For more detail click here.