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Born on 1008 Died on 1074
In his letter, the mufti cited a case involving hearsay testimony mentioned in the chapter on testimony in the Kitab al-Tabsira of al-Lakhmi (d. 478/1075). According to al-Lakhmi, if two professional witnesses testify regarding a rumour that is widespread in their town, the qadi must seek confirmati...
Born on 920 Died on 990
Dunash ha-Levi ben Labrat was a medieval Jewish commentator, poet, and grammarian.
Born on 1210 Died on 1267
Ibn al-Lubudi was a physician, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher, born in Aleppo in 1210; died after 1267. He studied medicine in Damascus under the famed al-Dakhwar, then Ibn al-Lubudi entered the services of Mansur Ibrahim ruler of Hims (1239-45), and then Najm Eddin Ayyub appointed him go...
Born on 1282 Died on 1349
Ibn Luyun was a poet and Andalusian agromonist from the Banu Tujibi ethnic group in the Nasrid dynasty. Author and compiler, noted for his treatise on agriculture, Kitab al-Filaha which he wrote nearing the end of his life. A copy of the treatise was found in 1348 with the title of "Treati...