Scholars A-Z

Born on 971 Died on 1029
Abu-l-Hasan Kushayr ibn Labban ibn Bashahri al-Jili, was a Persian mathematician, geographer, and astronomer from Jilan, a.k.a. Gilan, south of the Caspian Sea, Iran.   His main work was probably done about the beginning of the eleventh century, and seems to have taken an important part i...
Labana of Cordoba was thoroughly versed in the exact sciences; her talents were equal to the solution of the most complex geometrical and algebraic problems, and her vast acquaintance with general literature obtained her the important employment of private secretary to the Caliph Al-Hakam II.
Lagâri Hasan Çelebi was a legendary Ottoman aviator who, according to a sole account written by traveller Evliya Çelebi, made a successful manned rocket flight.
Born on 1288 Died on 1344
Levi ben Gershon was a philosopher, Talmudist, mathematician and astronomer/astrologer. He was born at Bagnols in Languedoc, France. According to Abraham Zacuto and others, he was the son of Gerson ben Solomon Catalan.