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Born on 10 Aug, 787 Died on 09 Mar, 886
Afghan mathematician, astronomer, astrologer and philosopher (10 August 787 in Balkh, Afghanistan - 9 March 886 in Wasit, Iraq). Many of his works were translated into Latin and were well known amongst many European astrologers, astronomers, and mathematicians during the European Middle Ages. Abu...
Born on 893 Died on 945
Al-Hamdani was a geographer, poet, grammarian, historian, and astronomer, who was one of the best representative of Islamic culture during the last effective years of the Abbasid caliphate.
Born on 1331
Abu Muqri (or Miqra) Mohammed ibn Ali al-Battiwi was a Moroccan astronomer who wrote a poem (urzaja) on the calendar, astronomy and the determination of the hours of prayer. It has been commented upon by o.a. Abd al-Rahman al-Jadiri (1375–1416) and Al-Qalasadi (1412–1487). He was a native of th...
Born on 970 Died on 1036
Abu Nasr Mansur ibn Ali ibn Iraq was a Persian Muslim mathematician. He is well known for his work with the spherical sine law.