Scholars A-Z

Born on 1077 Died on 1141
Joseph ben Meir ibn Megas or Megas was a Rabbi, Posek, and Rosh Yeshiva in Lucena.
Khalifa Ben Abi Al-Mahassin (13th century) of Aleppo, who is the author of a large work of 564 pages in which he describes and gives drawings of various surgical instruments including 36 instruments for eye surgery. He is known to us through his work containing 250 pp on eye surgery; the treatise en...
Born on 910 Died on 1005
The Ying Tian Li (Heavenly Accordance Calendar) prevalent in the early Song Dynasty, was influenced by a Muslim scholar named Ma Yize. Ma Yize is said to have lived through the years 921 - 1005 CE. In this book he introduced a system of seven days a week, and thus laid a foundation for the conversio...
Born on 23 Feb, 1903 Died on 03 Nov, 1992
Sayyed Mahmoud Hessaby was an Iranian scientist, researcher and professor of University of Tehran. During the congress on "60 years of physics in Iran" the services rendered by him were deeply appreciated and he was called "the father of modern physics in Iran".