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Born on 920 Died on 970
Menahem ben Saruq was a Spanish-Jewish philologist of the tenth century CE. He was a skilled poet and polyglot.
Born on 1489 Died on 1588
Mimar Koca Sinan, the "Great Architect Sinan", was born in Anatolia, Turkey in 1489; he died in Istanbul in 1588. Generally considered the greatest of all Ottoman architects, his career spanned about 50 years since he was appointed chief royal architect to the Ottoman court by Sultan Suleyman I in 1...
Born on 1627 Died on 1683
Mohammed al-Rudani was an astronomer born in Taroudant, Morocco.   Al-Rudani spent most of his life in Ottoman territories. He is especially well known for the invention of a spherical device into which another sphere (painted blue) with a different axis was placed. This second sphere was...
Died on 965
Moses ben Hanoch or Moses ben Enoch (in Hebrew language, Moshe ben Hanoch) was a medieval rabbi who inadvertently became the preeminent Talmudic scholar of Spain. He died about 965.