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Al-Mahani's work in astronomy from Ibn Yunus's astronomical handbook al-Zij al-Hakimi al-kabir. Click here for more information.  
Died on 994
A famous Persian physician. Born in Ahwaz, he flourished under the Buwayhid Sultan Adhud al-Dawla. He died in 994. He is considered one of the three greatest physicians of the Eastern Caliphate of his time. Among his important books a medical encyclopaedia called Al-Kitab al-kamil as-sina'a at-tibbi...
Died on 1441
Al-Maqrizî was a man of the law and a teacher in Cairo who collected his material, a great deal of which is absolutely unique, to compile his major work Kitâb Al-Khitat. For more detail click here.
Born on 896 Died on 956
One of the leading intellectual innovators was the historian Abu al-Hasan 'Ali ibn al-Husayn al-Mas'udi, born in Baghad in about 895 CE. Earlier and more traditional Muslim historians such as al-Tabari, whom al-Mas'udi greatly admired, collected vast quantities of material and set it down in ro...