Scholars A-Z

Born on 896 Died on 956
Was a historian, geographer and philosopher. Born in Baghdad, he travelled to Spain, Russia, India, Sri Lanka and China and spent his last years in Syria and Egypt.
Born on 972 Died on 1058
A scholar in political science, sociology, jurisprudence, and ethics. He was born in 972 CE in Basra. A jurist of the Shafi'i school, he also made contributions to Qur'anic interpretations, philology and literature. He served as a judge at several Iraqi districts, including Baghdad, and as an ambass...
Born on 973 Died on 1058
Al-Maʿarri was a blind Arabian philosopher, poet, and writer, who belonged to the Arabian tribe Al-tanukhi.
Born on 946 Died on 1000
Al-Muqaddasi (or Al-Maqdisi), (b. 946 - d. 1000 C.E.), originally from Al-Quds (Jerusalem), hence his name, is by far one of the most instructive of all early Islamic writers on the society of Islam. His works, generally, can be found under the subject of geography. Related Articles: *  A...