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Born on 1359 Died on 27 Jan, 1447
Ibn al-Majdī, whose full name is Shihāb al-Dīn Abū al-'Abbās Ahmad ibn Rajab ibn Taybughā al-Majdī al-Shāfi'ī (1359–1447 CE) was an Egyptian mathematician and astronomer. He was born in Cairo (Egypt) in August 1366 and died in Cairo (Egypt) on 27/28 January 1447.
Died on 756
Ibn al-Muqaffa (d. 142/759) was attempting to make Islamic law the law of the state. But the law itself was then still in its formative period. Click here for more information.
Born on 1437 Died on 1513
Abu Abdallah Muhammad b. Ahmad b. Muhammad Ibn Ghazi al-'Utmani al-Miknasi was a Moroccan scholar in the field of history, Islamic law, Arabic philology and mathematics. He was born in Meknes, but spent his life in Fez. Ibn Ghazi wrote a three-volume history of Meknes and a commentary to the tr...
Ibn Idhari al-Marrakushi wrote in 1312 a history of Africa and Spain, Kitâb al-Bayan al-Mughrib, which includes the most detailed account of the Ummayads of Cordova. His work, or more particularly the third volume, is a most useful source, because it offers the most detailed narrative of the events...