Scholars A-Z

Born on 1412 Died on 1486
Al-Qalasadi was a Spanish Islamic mathematician who took the first steps toward the introduction of algebraic symbolism by using letters in place of numbers. Click here for more information.
Born on 934 Died on 1013
Toledo was the residence of a great number of able architects. Fath B. Ibrahim (Fl. 934; d. 1013) was known as al-Qashari, a scholar, pious man and architect who, although flourishing in the Caliph court of Cordova, was also credited for building two mosques in Toledo. He also restored the fortifica...
Died on 1184
The best known are Nihayat al-rutba fi talab al-hisba by ‘Abd-al-Rahman al-Shayzari (d. 589/1193), and Ma’alim al-qurba fi ahkam al-hisba, by Diyya’ al-Din al-Qurashi, known as Ibn al-Ukhuwwa (d. 729/1329). The manuals for the guidance of the muhtasib are an important source for the reconstruction o...
Born on 1403 Died on 16 Dec, 1474
Ali Al-Qushji was one of the most noteworthy and important scientists in the Islamic world. He wrote valuable works especially on astronomy and mathematics. He was a student and co-worker of the famous statesman and scientist Ulugh Beg. After Ulugh Beg's death, Ali Al-Qushji left Samarqand to Tabriz...