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Died on 967
A 10th century astrologer (d. 967), primarily known for his treatise on judicial astrology, Introduction to the Art of Judgments of the Stars, dedicated to the Sultan Sayf al-Dawlah (reigned c. 916-967) of the Hamdanid dynasty, a work which was highly prized in medieval and Renaissance Europe. A...
Born on 1412 Died on 1486
Mathematician who took the first steps toward the introduction of algebraic symbolism by using letters in place of numbers.
Born on 934 Died on 1013
Toledo was the residence of a great number of able architects. Fath B. Ibrahim (Fl. 934; d. 1013) was known as al-Qashari, a scholar, pious man and architect who, although flourishing in the Caliph court of Cordova, was also credited for building two mosques in Toledo. He also restored the fortifica...
Born on 1403 Died on 16 Dec, 1474
Ala al-Dīn Ali ibn Muhammed was an astronomer, mathematician and physicist originally from Samarkand, who settled in the Ottoman Empire some time before 1472. As a disciple of Ulugh Beg, he is best known for the development of astronomical physics independent from natural philosophy, and for pr...