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Born on 1172
Ibn al-Qifti's scholarship concerns lexicology, grammar, jurisprudence, tradition, the Qur'an, logic, astronomy, mathematics, history, and medicine. He is famed for his biography of scholars, called Kitab Ikhbar al-Ulama bi Akhbar al-Hukama, or "information given to the learned on the history of the...
Died on 889
Ibn Qutayba's Kitâb al-Ma'arif or 'Handbook of History' as it was entitled by its nineteenth-century editor, is one of the oldest surviving purely historical works of the Arabs. It deals with the pre-Islamic as well as Islamic history of the Arabs, and is still useful as a reference book, for geneal...
Maryah al-Qibtiyyah, an Egyptian woman of the first century CE, wrote on alchemy, and finds her place among books by savants of antiquity that were studied by the scholars of the Islamic world.
Born on 900 Died on 1012
Qabus ibn Wushmagir was the Ziyarid ruler of Gurgan and Tabaristan in medieval Iran. He was the son of Vushmgir and a daughter of the Bavandi Ispahbad Sharwin II.