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Died on 990
Al-Saghani was a mathematician and astronomer attached to the Buyid observatory in Baghdad. Mathematically, he followed up the work of the Banu Musa, tackling the problem of trisecting the angle, which had preoccupied the ancient Greeks. He was particularly versed in mechanics, and constructed, if h...
Born on 1428 Died on 1497
Shams al-dim al-Sakhawi as a historian of the 9th/15th century : with an edition of that section of his chronicles (Wajiz al-kalam) covering the period 800-849 / 1397-1445. Click here for more information.
Born on 1130 Died on 1180
Al Samaw’al Ben Yahya al Maghribi drew up charts of computations of long division of polynomials; one of the best contributions to the history of mathematics.
Born on 1200 Died on 1300
Al-Saqati, wrote an essential treatise on Hisba (roughly commercial practice and law) and the other, Ibn al-Baytar, wrote the greatest treatise of medieval times on botany and herbals. Al-Saqati’s work on hisba and the Muhtasib has been edited by G.S. Colin and Levi Provencal under the French title...