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Born on 1428 Died on 1497
Shams al-Din Muhammad ibn `Abd al-Rahman al-Sakhawi was a reputable Shafi'i Muslim hadith scholar and historian who was born in Cairo. "Al-Sakhawi" refers to the village of Sakha in Egypt, where his relatives belonged. He was a prolific writer that excelled in the knowledge of hadith, tafsir, litera...
Born on 1130 Died on 1180
Mathematician who was able to extend the arithmetic operations to handle polynomials. He used an early form of induction.
Al-Saqati, wrote an essential treatise on Hisba (roughly commercial practice and law).
The companion Al-Shifa bint Abduallah al Qurashiyah al-'Adawiyah had a strong presence in early Muslim history as she was one of the wise women of that time. She was literate at a time of illiteracy. She was involved in public administration and skilled in medicine. Her real name was Laila, however...