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Born on 07 Dec, 903 Died on 25 May, 986
Well known astronomer (b. December 7, 903 – May 25, 986). He lived at the court of Emir 'Adhud ad-Dawla in Isfahan, where he conducted his scientific research. He made astronomical observations, which allowed him to contribute several corrections to Ptolemy's star list and did his own brightness and...
Died on 946
Al-Sûlî authored a literary history, Kitâb al-Awraq fî Akbar Ahl al-Abbas wa Sha'rihim (Book of Pages on the History of the Abbasids and their Poetry). His Kitâb al-Awraq appears to have been divided originally into five or six parts, of which four have survived. For more detail click here.
Born on 1445 Died on 1505
Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti was an Egyptian religious scholar, juristic expert and teacher, and one of the most prolific Arab writers of the Middle Ages, whose works deal with a wide variety of subjects in Islamic theology. He was precocious and was already a teacher in 1462. In 1486, he was appointed to...
Died on 864
The physician, scientist and philosopher, ‘Ali b. Sahl Rabban al-Tabari was the son of Sahl Sahl Rabban al-Tabari. ‘Ali was born into an educated and intellectual Christian family. He wrote many books on philosophy, medicine and religious matters. In particular, his Firdaws al-hikma is the first eve...