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Died on 1204
Ibn al-Yasamin was a mathematician who wrote several works including the famous Al-Urjuza al-Yasmin fi’l jabr wal Muqabala (Poem on Algebra and restoration).
Born on 870
Abū Bishr Mattā b. Yūnus al-Qunnāʾī was a Christian philosopher who played an important role in the transmission of the works of Aristotle to the Islamic world. He is famous for founding the Baghdad School of Aristotelian Philosophers.
Abu Sahl 'Isa ibn Yahya al-Masihi al-Jurjani was a Persian Christian physician, from Gorgan, east of the Caspian Sea, in Iran.   He was the teacher of Avicenna. He wrote an encyclopedic treatise on medicine of one hundred chapters (al-mā'a fi-l-sanā'a al-tabi'iyyah; Arabic: المائة في...
Born on 796 Died on 806
Abu Yahya Ibn al-Batriq was a Syrian scholar who pioneered the translation of ancient Greek texts into Arabic, a major early figure in the transmission of the Classics at the close of Late Antiquity. He translated for Al-Mansur the major medical works of Galen and Hippocrates, and also translat...