Scholars A-Z

Born on 910 Died on 1005
The Ying Tian Li (Heavenly Accordance Calendar) prevalent in the early Song Dynasty, was influenced by a Muslim scholar named Ma Yize. Ma Yize is said to have lived through the years 921 - 1005 CE. In this book he introduced a system of seven days a week, and thus laid a foundation for the conversio...
Born on 1700
Muhammad Baqir ibn Zayn al-'Abidin Yazdi, or Muhammad Baqir Yazdi as he is commonly referred to, wrote over a dozen works on astronomy and mathematics.Apparently, he was still active until 1637 CE. Click here for more information.
Died on 1229
Muwaffaq Al-Din Yaqub Ben Saklan was a Christian doctor of Jerusalem (d. 1229). He was an Oriental Christian who served as a manager of the hospital of Jerusalem under Muaddam the Ayyubid ruler. Muaddam took Yaqub into his service and showered him with gifts and honours. For more detail click her...
Died on 990
Abū ʿAlī Naẓīf ibn Yumn is variously identified in the primary sources as al-mutaṭabbib (the medical practitioner), al-qass al-Rūmī (the Melkite priest), and al-Baghdādī (from Baghdad).   Click here for more information.