Scholars A-Z

Died on 857
A physician and well known figure of Arabic pharmacology from Bayt al-hikma in Baghdad. He died in Samarra in 243 H/857 CE). He was a Christian and was director of the hospital at Bagdad and physician at the courts of calips beginning with Harun al-Rashid to al-Mutawakkil (847-861). He wrote many me...
Yuhanna ibn Sarabiyun (beginning of 9th century) known in Latin as Ibn Serapion, Yuhanna ibn Sarabiyun was a geographer. He authored a book on geography containing a description of the various seas, islands, lakes, mountains and rivers of the world. His descriptions of the Euphrates and Tigris and o...
Yusuf al-Mutamin,was a mathematician. He wrote Kitab al-Istikmal (Book of Perfection) in mathematics.
Born on 1545 Died on 1605
Cigalazade Yusuf Sinan Pasha was an Ottoman statesman who held the office of Grand Vizier for forty days between 27 October to 5 December 1596, during the reign of Mehmed III. He was also a Kapudan Pasha (Grand Admiral of the Ottoman Navy) as well as a military general.