Abdul Ahad Mohmand

Full name: 
Abdul Ahad Momand
Arabic name: 
عبد الاحد مومند
Date of birth: 
01 Jan, 1959

Abdul Ahad Momand is a former Afghan Air Force aviator who became the first Afghan and 4th Muslim to journey to outer space. He became one of Soyuz TM-6 crew members and spent nine days aboard the Mir space station in 1988 as an Intercosmos Research Cosmonaut. He became the fourth Muslim to visit outer space, after Sultan bin Salman Al Saud, Muhammed Faris, and Musa Manarov. Pashto is considered the fourth spoken language in space after he made a telephone call to Afghanistan. Momand is also believed to be the first Muslim who took the Qur'an to the space.