Full name: 
'Abd al-Rahman ibn 'Umar Zain al-Din al-Dimashqi
Arabic name: 
Date of birth: 
'Abd al-Rahman ibn 'Umar Zain al-Din al-Dimashqi, commonly known as Al-Jawbari was an Arab author known for his writings that denounce alchemical imposture and superstitions.
Al-Jawbari wrote the "Book of Selected Disclosure of Secrets" (Kitāb al-mukhtār fī kashf al-asrār) exposing the fraudulent and deceptive antics which he had seen practiced by the wandering quacks, the charlatans, fake alchemists and money changers. In it he speaks of "the people of al-kimya (alchemists) who know three hundred ways of making dupes". The book also describes the preparation of rose water.
He was born in Jawbar.