Full name: 
Ibn Wāfid, Abū 'l-Mutarrif ‘Abd al-Rahmān al-Lakhmī
Arabic name: 
إبن وفد, أبلمطرف عبد الرحمن اللخمي
Latin name: 
Date of birth: 
Date of death: 

In his letter, the mufti cited a case involving hearsay testimony mentioned in the chapter on testimony in the Kitab al-Tabsira of al-Lakhmi (d. 478/1075). According to al-Lakhmi, if two professional witnesses testify regarding a rumour that is widespread in their town, the qadi must seek confirmation of that rumour from a third professional witness before passing judgement. Al-Lakhmi added that if two other professional witnesses deny the existence of the rumour then the original testimony may not serve as the basis for a judicial decision.

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