Ibn Miskawayh

Full name: 
Abu 'Ali Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Ya'qub Ibn Miskawayh
Arabic name: 
ابن مسكوويه
Date of birth: 
Date of death: 

Abu 'Ali Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Ya'qub Ibn Miskawayh, also known as Ibn Miskawayh or Ebn Meskavayh, was a Persian chancery official of the Buyid era, and philosopher and historian from Rey, Iran. As a neo-platonist, his influence on Islamic philosophy is primarily in the area of ethics. He was the author of the first major Islamic work on philosophical ethics, entitled Tahdhib al-akhlaq (تهذيب الأخلاق: Refinement of Morals), focusing on practical ethics, conduct, and refinement of character. He separated personal ethics from the public realm, and contrasted the liberating nature of reason with the deception and temptation of nature. Ebn Meskavayh was a prominent figure in the intellectual and cultural life of his time.