Katip Çelebi

Full name: 
Mustafa bin Abdallah
Arabic name: 
مصطفى بن عبدالله
Date of birth: 
Date of death: 

Katip Çelebi was interested in almost all intellectual disciplines, from historiography to geography, from philosophy to astronomy, from Islamic law to Koranic commentary, from Sufism to literature. Like the intellectuals of the classic periods of Islamic thought, he had a holistic conception of nature, embracing all branches of universal culture. This great thinker, eager to know everything about the world he lived in, made every possible effort to study the knowledge of his time, particularly those scientific and intellectual activities developing in the West. He tried to make use of Latin and Greek sources. Although it is not possible to know for certain, one may interpret his statements to mean that he knew enough Latin and Greek to consult sources in these languages.