Mahbub ul Haq

Full name: 
Mahbub ul Haq
Arabic name: 
محبوب الحق
Date of birth: 
24 Feb, 1934
Date of death: 
16 Jul, 1998

Dr. Mahbub-ul-Haq was a Pakistani game theorist, economist, and professor of microeconomics at the University of Karachi who served as the 13th Finance Minister of Pakistan from April 10, 1985 till January 28, 1988. He was involved in the human development theory (HDP), and the founder of the Human Development Report (HDR). According to Haq's 1996 book Reflections on Human Development his work also opened new avenues to policy proposals for human development paradigms, such as the 20:20 Global Compact and the setting up of the UN Economic Security Council that became the inspiration for the establishment of the United Nations Economic and Social Council. He served as chief economist of Planning Commission (Pakistan) during the 1960s, director of the World Bank's Policy Planning Department in the 1970s. He is known as "the most articulate and persuasive spokesman for the developing world".