Yuhanna Ibn Bukhtishu

Full name: 
Yūhannā Ibn Bukhtīshū'
Arabic name: 
يوحنا بن بختيشوع
Latin name: 
Johannes Bukhtishu

A 9th century Persian physician from Khuzestan. He was a member of a prominent family of Nestorian Christian physicians, the Banu Bukhtishu‘ (or Bakhtishu‘) originally from Jundishapur in Khuzastan who worked in Baghdad from the 8th through to the 10th centuries.

Yuhanna Ibn Bukhtishu was the son of Jabril Ibn Bukhtishu (d. 870 CE) who was a physician to the caliphs al-Ma'mun, al-Wathiq and Al-Mutawakkil in Baghdad. He worked in Baghdad about 892, is known to have written a treatise on astrological knowledge necessary for a physician, but the treatise is now lost. It is uncertain whether he was in fact the author of a treatise on materia medica that is attributed to him in the extant copies. He became Bishop of Mosul in 893 CE.