Yavuz Unat

Associate Professor in Ankara University, Turkey, Faculty of Letters, History of Science Department.

Image taken from: http://kastamonu.academia.edu/YavuzUnat


Figure 1. An image of Alfraganus' Crater on the moon. This short article is taken from the full article (by Assoc. Prof. Yavuz Unat) which is available here as 15 page PDF file Al-Farghânî, known as Alfraganus in the West, was one of the famous...
By Prof. Yavuz Unat* 1. Al-Jazari and his encyclopedia of mechanics Bedî‘ûz-Zamân Abû 'l-‘Izz Ismâ‘il b. ar-Razzâz Al-Jazarî lived in Anatolia during the 13th century. He was originary from Mesopotamia. That region was called in ancient times Cezîre or Cizre (Jazîra in Arabic). We have no...