Ali Haydar Bayat

Professor, Ege University, Medicine Faculty, Department of Deontology and History of Medicine.


Nil Sari* and Ali Haydar Bayat** Table of contents 1. Hospitals 2. Palace Health Personnel 3. The Chief Physician 4. Bibliography *** Note of the editor This article was first published in Studies in History of Medicine & Science, vol. XVI, No. 1-2, New Series (1999/00), pp. 31-...
Professor Ali Haydar Bayat* Table of contents 1. Some History: the Great Seljuk era 2. Medicine during the Turkish Seljukid period 3. Hospitals 4. Medical education 5. Physicians and their work 6. Epidemics 7. The Practice of folk medicine 8. Further resources *** 1. Some History:...